Our Mission

The Dream Builders Project is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in Los Angeles, California in October 2013. Since its beginning, The Dream Builders Project has had one goal in mind: to make a positive difference on the community and the world at large.

As a “charity for charities,” The Dream Builders Project is not bound to any particular group or cause, allowing The DBP to join forces with many great and sometimes overlooked charities and nonprofits to make the most profound impact. Some of the main causes The DBP focuses on include: homelessness, child abuse & neglect, education, fighting human trafficking and more.

The DBP is dedicated to making the biggest impact per dollar. Through an extensive research and vetting system, The DBP is able to ensure that all donations and volunteer efforts are spent in the most impactful and productive way possible. Once a genuine organization has been vetted, The DBP is able to provide services including: Financial Support, Campaign Creation & Execution, Volunteer & Administrative Support, Website Marketing & Public Relations, and Special Events & Galas.

As a “charity for charities”, The Dream Builders Project does the leg work to make sure that your time, money and energy is being spent in most productive and impactful way.

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The Dream Builders Project is not a team of trained mental health professionals and does not provide direct health or financial services of any kind to any one individual. If you are in need of assistance, please note that we can only provide you with a list of resources to the best of our ability.

If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation, please dial 911.


Meet Our Team


Mayer Dahan, Founder

Mayer is a Los Angeles real estate developer inspired by eco-friendly living and innovative modern design. A self-made entrepreneur, Mayer is the President of Dahan Properties and CEO of Prime Five Homes. Mayer has played an integral role in the modernizing Los Angeles development by building luxurious, eco-friendly, sustainable homes.


Sophie Dahan, Director of Events & Senior Sponsorship Advisor

Sophie has been with The Dream Builders Project since its beginning in 2013. She has demonstrated her leadership through coordinating many of the large and small scale events for the organization. She loves to give back and has found a great way to use her background in event planning to give back to the community.


Raven Rush, Team Leader & Sponsorship Advisor

Raven started volunteering with The Dream Builders Project in 2016 and began her role as an events intern. Her ongoing success and responsibility has given her the title of Team Leader. She enjoys working with volunteers/interns and coordinating events!


Shahana Behbahany, Events Coordinator

Shahana started volunteering with The Dream Builders Project in 2015. She assists with all of our events and assists in coordinating sponsorships/partnerships for our organization. She loves interacting with volunteers and spreading the word about The DBP!

A special thank you to all of our interns who assist with our donation outreach, sponsorships, community outreach and more!