Take Time to thank your Teachers this Teacher Appreciation Week!

Each year we take a week out of the school year to recognize and thank our teachers for the incredible work they do in our schools all across the country, and the official week this year is celebrated from May 8 – May 12.

From the innovative lessons plans they create, to the countless hours they spend working with our students, to the time and effort made to insure each student has all of  the tools they need to succeed, we appreciate everything our teachers do to help our students and schools succeed! 

As much as we love our teachers and the kids wouldn’t be who they are today without them, there is one more thing we want to give them. Just to help make the work a little lighter. With the help of a grader for teachers, the work load of unmarked assignments will become less time consuming. You will be able to support each student in areas of weaknesses and track their progress. 

The Dream Builders Project has made it a priority and passion to help our students in Los Angeles get the new year started off right through our Back-to-School Event and Supply Drive which give brand new back packs full of supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, colored pencils, markers, sharpeners, and folders, to hundreds of kids in poverty stricken neighborhoods here in LA. DBP also makes sure to recognize our teachers through the teacher packages filled with school supplies, world maps, posters and other resources to help get the new school year started off right. If you would like to participate in one of our next events please contact us and help us help our students! 

To all of our teachers we love you, we appreciate you,and we support you!

Go and hug a teacher you know today and thank them for all that they do to help give our students a promising future!

Sophie Dahan