The Future is Female: Celebrating Women’s History Month in LA

Hey ladies! March was National Women’s History Month and we want  to celebrate you!

Declared by congress in 1987, Women’s History Month was created as a way to celebrate women and all of their extraordinary accomplishments. The official week of women’s history month is the week of March 8, with that day recognized as international women’s day. This day was enacted to celebrate the achievements of all women from all cultural, social, political and economic backgrounds and to raise awareness for gender equality around the globe.

With the recent formation of the women’s movement here in the United States and specifically right here in Los Angeles, celebrating and supporting women just got even more important and exciting.With over 750,000 women in attendance, the LA Women’s March proved that a movement is alive and transforming the way the world views women in 2017.  To celebrate International Women’s Day several companies and businesses have created campaigns to support, promote, and encourage women in leadership and equal roles in the workplace. Vodafone created the #ConnectedSheCan (campaign to connect and recruit women back into the workplace after a career break). As a leader in gender equality and diversity in the workplace, Vodafone is proud to continue their efforts to help women in developing access phones and technology to start their own businesses. Avon  has also come out with its own initiative to fight against domestic violence by pledging to donate over 2 million dollars towards efforts to help women affected around the world in response to the  #BeBoldForChange campaign. 

Here in Los Angeles are many organizations who support and celebrate the work of women and who strive to create a strong female driven presence in the community. 

If you are looking to support a women focused organization and give back to your fellow females check out this short list of organizations right here in Los Angeles who strive to do good work! 

Downtown Women’s Center


Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the Downtown Women’s Center works to serve and assist women who experience chronic homelessness in the downtown Los Angeles area. Founded in 1978 by social worker Jill Halverson, the center was established as a place for women to find permanent housing, assistance and support during difficult times. With 119 units ,women who live on the streets experience chronic homelessness can find a place to call home and receive supportive resources to help better themselves and their future. With an onsite medical center, education and job readiness programs, counseling and therapy sessions, and fitness classes, women are given an amazing opportunity to not only better their current circumstances but also prepare for their future with the many resources offered. Other resources also include a Day Center that provides daily meals, clothes, and showers and a Trauma Recovery Center that provides emotional support and services for women affected by violent crimes. What an amazing amount of services provided to help women! If  you are looking for a way to give back, you can apply to volunteer or donate to the center which is open daily. 

Step Up Women’s Network


With a vision to help all girls strive to have opportunities and success, StepUp works to educate, motivate, and support girls from under-resourced communities to help them navigate into the next generation of professional women. Through after school and mentorship programs, young girls are given an opportunity to grown in a supportive environment while completing school and preparing for their dreams of the future. Mentors work to connect young girls to the workplace through field trips and internship opportunities, giving them the tools and support needed to pursue their goals. Looking for an opportunity to help the younger generation? Apply to volunteer and mentor  with StepUp our Los Angeles communities of young girls and make a difference in a positive way. 

Write Girl


A Los Angeles based creative writing and mentoring organization, WriteGirl strives to offer an outlet to help young girls develop their own voice and to share it with the world. Through workshops and one-on-one mentoring opportunities, girls are given tools , education , and support to enhance their writing skills in all genres. Workshops are held all over the Los Angeles area and provide a positive outlet for the next generation of women writers to pursue and accomplish their dreams. Applications are accepted on a continual basis, so if you have a love for writing or simply helping young women succeed, then check out WriteGirl and all of the great work it is doing to help give young girls a voice. 

With these organizations are many others who strive to help women of all ages develop a voice, platform, and confidence to become successful and influential members of society. You go girls! We hope you celebrate National Women’s History Month all year and help make our communities of women stronger!

Written by: Jessica Paisant

Sophie Dahan